Determinatie dieren en planten

Determination request

When you send a determination (identification) request, you send us a sample of the animals that you have found, their droppings or their damage, so we can identify exactly which animal causes the nuisance. This facilitates the control of these animals.

For regular determinations, we aim to provide the outcome to you within seven working days after receiving the sample. In urgent cases (urgent determinations) this is within three working days after the sample is received by us. The corresponding costs are indicated in the form below.

Fields with * are obligated

When you have entered all the fields correctly, the “Request determination” button will appear at the bottom of the “Other questions” heading (not to be confused with the Send button, linked to the newsletter!). When you press this button you will receive the confirmation: “Your request for a determination has been registered.”
If you do not receive a confirmation, we ask you to go through the fields again, because some fields have not been entered or have been entered incorrectly. Incorrect fields will be marked in red. Make sure these fields are also filled.