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About the Dutch Pest & Wildlife Expertise Centre

The Dutch Pest & Wildlife Expertise Centre (KAD) is an independent knowledge institute that provides expert advice on integrated pest management for governments, companies, pest controllers and citizens. KAD also trains pest controllers to work according to the highest standards for the prevention, monitoring and management of pests.

Moreover, the modern KAD laboratory can help you identify species that cause nuisance. In case a pest species has invaded your house or your company, and you would like to know what kind of species it is and what steps you need to take to get rid of it, you can file a request for identification (determination) via the button.

Pest species research services

“Is our product adequately protected against pest insects?” “I am looking for an organization that can execute efficacy tests for newly developed biocides: how can the Dutch Pest & Wildlife Expertise Centre (KAD) be of service to us? “My company received a consumer complaint: how likely is it that the found insect appeared in the product alive?” “Are stored product pests able to survive in the raw materials and the specific packaging of our product?” “I want to develop a new product that keeps out rodents, are my materials suitable?”

Pest species are present in human society worldwide. In order to prevent nuisance and damage, and to control the presence of pest species most effectively, additional information is usually required. This is where the Dutch Pest & Wildlife Expertise Centre (KAD) steps in. We carry out a variety of research projects with insects and rodents for companies, citizens and government agencies:

The KAD lab keeps cultures of multiple insect species, such as stored product pests (SPPs).

All our research projects are tailor-made: research questions and project scopes are designed in close cooperation with our commissioners and are executed independently and objectively by the KAD. Our biologists are experienced with a multitude of pest species, both in the field and in the lab.

If you are looking for a company to get your pest control project on track, do not hesitate to contact us.